Below are links to Travel Agents, Hotels, events we have used and received great service from.

planner cie halekoa
Started using Dianna with the Alaska Cruisetour.  She is very dependable, knowledgeable and strives to make your vacation the best it can be.
Found CIE using search engine for Ireland and Scotland tours.  For anyone that wants to see these countries, this is a great value.  Both the Scotland and Ireland trip guides were very knowledgeable and informative.
Military, (active or retired only) hotel located on Waikiki beach, Oahu.  This is the best bang for the buck lodging on Oahu.  Restaurants, exchange, entertainment, parking all on site.  If you qualify, it is the best place to stay on Oahu in Honolulu area. 
princess cruise    princess lodge 
Great cruise - our cruise was  QA8, 7 day cruise followed by an 8 day land tour.  Princess did a great job and this was a great way to see Alaska!   All part of the Cruisetour, 2 nights each at 4 different lodges - these are not your Alaska wilderness cabin!  All were great and had great menus.