Past Travel History
Foreign Travel only
Italy Italy
July, 1966 Naples USN   2 weeks transit waiting to transfer to Saratoga CV60
December, 1997 Rome vacation w/Kel 1 week over Christmas break - not a good move, most stores clo9sed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day.  Did have some interesting meals, lots of wine.  Ran into a past Ford worker on one of the tours.
Pompeii part of the Rome trip - 1 day tour including Naples - remembered some places from 1966.  Should have more time in Pompeii.
Vatican part of Rome trip - actually a let down - too much gold for a all the poor people.
11May84 - 25May84 Davisville USNR   w/Kelly 14 days Active Duty w/NMCB26, training/base support.  Kel ran around town w/CO & XO's wives.  Great time overall.